With the onset of flu season in the U.S., and continuing concerns about Covid-19, there’s no better time to consider options for the best immune defense. While some rely on annual flu vaccines, they aren’t a completely reliable solution. And, while there’s no shortage of herbal and natural products that claim to “boost-immunity,” few are tested and proven to protect like green tea.  But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear what health professionals say about green tea.

According to certified nutritionist Andra Picincu 1,
“Due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this beverage is ideal for people of all ages. It’s particularly beneficial for those with a compromised immune system and during times of illness. Researchers have found that green tea may help prevent flu and lower the risk of dying from pneumonia. These benefits are due to its high levels of EGCG and other catechins.”

“Lab studies indicate that regular consumption of green tea can cut the risk of flu by half. Furthermore, it may relieve flu symptoms and help you recover faster. Even though this beverage cannot cure a cold or flu, it may reduce the severity and duration of symptoms. Plus, drinking green tea regularly can help prevent these issues in the first place.”

Dr. Mark Hyman, a leader in the field of Functional Medicine, says about green tea’s medicinal properties 2,

“Green tea helps protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, high cholesterol, and inflammation, and it strengthens the immune system. Drinking green tea is also one of the easiest ways to burn fat. That’s because it contains an abundance of catechins (EGCG), which increase thermogenesis (calorie burning) and prevent the damaging effects of free radicals on your metabolism.”

When it comes to EGCG, there are few sources as safe, reliable and concentrated as our Chi Tea Green Tea line of extracts.

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