Testimonials for Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea

“There is a reason it is called Ultimate Green Tea . It is probably one of the most potent and purist green tea extract on the market today. In addition to its tremendous antioxidant effect , it has a profound effect on weight management and loss of “belly fat “. This plays a very important role in our overall weight management program. Clinically proven with hundreds of patients on a daily basis. I recommend this product without hesitation.”

Joseph A Varallo,MD

“I have been using Chi Tea and Chi-Tox both for about 4 weeks now. I drink a full dropper of the Chi-Tox in warm water in the morning, and a full dropper of Chi Tea in warm water in the afternoon. I find the taste of both to be delicious and I actually crave drinking them! I have noticed a more steady flow of energy throughout the day since using these products. Having done many different detox programs over the past couple of years, I can say that one thing I enjoy about Chi-Tox is the absence of side effects such as abdominal cramping and frequent trips to the restroom. These products are high quality and user friendly and I highly recommend them both.”

Brandi Avant Schunk, LMT
Owner – The Healing House of Round Rock
Round Rock, TX

“I recommend Chi Tea therapeutically for many of my clients. I have seen remarkable improvements in many cases with problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and conditions of the prostrate.”

M. Triana
Clinical Nutritionist, NYC

“Although I function as well as any 66 year old, I am not able to do the hectic travel, lecture & workshop schedule I used to offer. However, the upside of this condition, for me and Chi Tea, is now my body’s response mechanism and resulting responses to anything that enhances or upsets its well-being is hair-triggered. Consequently, I can unequivocally testify that when I enjoy Chi Green Tea on a regular basis, my sense of well-being is enhanced”

R.B. Pacetti

“Many of those who consult me suffer from low energy, chronic fatigue, or a compromised immune function. After the basic strategy is implemented (finding the causes and removing them) we need to support immune function in the most effective ways.

Since my practice is devoted to reversing difficult cases (both physical and emotional) I am thankful I have found “Chi Tea” which is a great asset in my practice. This organic green tea extract is apotent immune enhancer and energy fortifier. I would not want to be a day without it!”

Dr. Shoshana Margolin, MA, ND, PPA, CCN
New York NY. Author of Quantum Therapy – Anything Less is a Compromise

“My blood sugar dropped from 190 to 140 in a very short time with the Chi Tea.”

Capt. M. Indursky
Retired Pilot, Staten Island, NY

“My PSA (prostate marker) dropped from 9.8 to 5.2 in less than two months by drinking 6 cups of Chi Tea a day.”

P. Iricani
Long Island, NY

“I had an enlarged prostate, which only kept getting worse, despite the advice of two different oncologists, and taking their prescribed medications. After a few months drinking the Chi Tea, I had a 70% prostate reduction.”

T. Genovese
Restaurateur, NYC

“I had severe inflammation of the knee, which did not improve with any of the drugs I was prescribed. It healed completely after 20 days of drinking the Chi Tea.”

M. Moss
Health Writer, NYC

“My high cholesterol came down to normal after just a few weeks on the Chi Tea. Also, my husband’s circulatory and vascular problems improved significantly.

F. Ligotti
Staten Island, NY

“I am 51 years old, I was suffering of dizziness and migraine headaches, throbbing, pinch sensation, asthma, and chest pains, stomachache, ulcers and my feces were dark on every bowel movement. After a few weeks of drinking Chi Tea I feel like a new person. All the symptoms gradually disappeared, as I now feel better.

A. Jimenez
Manhattan, NY

“I have long been suffering from high blood pressure, stomach problems, tiredness and varicose veins. After drinking the Chi Tea for a few days my blood pressure was back to normal, after a couple of weeks my stomach problems completely improved and after four months of drinking the Chi Tea my varicose veins disappeared.”

G. Sanchez
San Antonio, TX

“I am a tea lover and I was obese: after drinking six cups a day of Chi Tea, I lost 30 lbs. in five weeks.”

A. Spies
Yonkers, NY

“I am 72-year-old man, I suffered from arthritis and poor circulation and I have a hip replacement. Before the Chi Tea I came into my life I was a very tired, weak and a wheelchair bound person suffering from high blood pressure. After starting drinking the Chi Tea a week later my high blood pressure was back to normal, my arthritis is less painful and I feel so strong that I am even standing up from my wheelchair. My doctor’s prognosis is optimistic, as I would be a candidate to regain my walking abilities. Thank you Chi Tea!”

J. Pizarro
Manhattan, NY

“I used to suffer from high blood pressure, circulatory problems and insomnia. Up to now, my high blood pressure is normal and my circulatory problem as well as my insomnia has tremendously improved.”

V. Borrallo
Miami, FL

“My mother is 85 years old and before the Chi Tea her blood pressure was 200/160 and she was suffering from seizures provoked by the high blood pressure medication that she was in-taking. Three days after drinking the Chi Tea, her blood pressure came down to 140/100 and after nine days it when down to 130/70. The seizures stopped five days after she began drinking the Chi Tea until today.”

L. Hamilton
Manhattan, NY

“I am 52 years old and for over two years I was suffering from chest pains and palpitations. Twice, I was rushed to the hospital fearing of a heart attack. Eight days after using the Chi Tea the symptoms disappeared.”

J. Lopez
Manhattan, NY

“I am a 55-year-old having a mole in my right leg. My doctor’s diagnosis was that surgery removal would be very risky since the location of the mole was on top of one of the main arteries. Three weeks after drinking the Chi Tea the mole disappeared.”

C. Reyes
Manhattan, NY

“Last summer I was playing beach volleyball without wrist protectors. Suddenly, I felt a throbbing pain in my left wrist. The inside part of my wrist was very swollen. To my surprise, my wrist was not broken it was just the vein really swollen. My wrist got tense and very uptight (stiffed). I drank two full droppers of pure Chi Tea and within 10 steps I had regain wrist movements and the swollen disappeared.”

E. Soto