These days we can’t be too careful protecting ourselves and our families from potentially harmful germs and viruses. And while proper sanitation and self-care is essential, we can all benefit from proper nutrition and supplementation. That’s where green tea comes in.

With over twenty years of research demonstrating antiviral benefits of consuming green tea, it’s becoming clear that molecules known as catechins provide enhanced immunity and protection from the influenza virus. Of all catechins present in green tea, EGCG is most powerful in preventing viral transmission.

Further, the same antiviral compounds in green tea may offer protection from transmission of the Cornoavirus. According to Gabriel Cousens, MD, physician and former lieutenant commander in the Public Health Service,

The [COVID-19] virus enters the cell via a vesicle called an endosome. Once inside, it releases its RNA into the cell cytoplasm and hijacks the cell machinery to produce more viral proteins and thus virus. It also releases an enzyme called 3CL (3-chymotripsin-like protease). This enzyme attacks the cells defense mechanism against the coronavirus inhibitors.

The following herbal remedies that are suggested destroy the 3CL enzyme and thus protect the cell’s ability to protect itself against the coronavirus. The best for destroying the 3CL enzyme is quercetin and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is found in green tea and green tea extract.

As such, we can understand that naturally-occurring compounds found in green tea contain powerfully-protective antiviral properties.

And you won’t find more potent forms of green tea than our Chi Tea line of standardized, liquid extracts.

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Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea

While brewed green tea leaf offers between 30-45% EGCG, our Chi Tea delivers as much as 62% EGCG, with more consistent potency as a standardized, liquid extract. Additionally, Chi Tea is fortified with powerful botanicals. And Chi Tea is so concentrated, one dropperful provides the antioxidant equivalent of 10-15 cups of brewed green tea.


Chi-Tox Tea

Chi-Tox Tea – a standardized, liquid extract – has been scientifically formulated so that all of its ingredients synergistically work at detoxifying the liver’s brilliantly designed filtration system. Formulated with our green tea as a base, Chi-Tox is further enhanced with medicinal mushrooms, lycium (goji berry), schisandra, milk thistle, skullcap, and licorice.


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Chi Tea Immune Super Pack

NEW! Chi Tea Immune Super Pack

Chi Tea Immune Super Pack includes 2 each of Ultimate Green Tea and Chi-Tox 2 oz liquid extracts.

These days it’s wise to do whatever we can to keep our immune systems fine tuned. Beyond taking care of personal sanitation, getting enough rest, and keeping our stress in check, it’s essential we incorporate potent antiviral supplements into our daily routine. That’s where our Chi Tea Immune Super Pack comes in.

Featuring our Ultimate Green Tea and Chi-Tox extracts, Chi Tea Immune Super Pack is super-charged with proven antiviral compounds. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Of all catechins present in green tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is most powerful in preventing viral transmission.”