What is Chi?

You and Chi
Chinese medical practitioners take Chi very seriously. Where western physicians see flesh, bone, and the flow of blood, Chinese are more concerned with the smooth flow of Chi. As they see it, the smoother that energy flow, the healthier the patient. As the body’s physician, the liver takes care of the patient, speeding Chi and blood to where it’s needed and making adjustments to, or interacting with, circulatory, immune, and digestive systems, and just about everything else in a medical textbook’s index. Plus, of course, it detoxifies anything it senses could harm the body’s well-being.

So is the liver important? You know it is. But most of us don’t have a clue — or, at least, don’t realize we’re receiving them — when our livers are under-performing. The clues could be lethargy, depression, severe mood swings, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, even ridged or cracked fingernails. Or a half-dozen warnings. The reasons could be poor diet, over-eating, environmental toxins, hammering stress, prescription drugs, infections, and much more. At moments like that, our livers are as out of whack and as out of balance as a one-legged juggler.